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Cardiac EKG Testing in Friendswood

When you have unexplained chest pain or other problems that might be linked to a heart condition, cardiac EKG testing can help determine the cause. This type of testing, known as an electrocardiogram, is a safe procedure that is used to evaluate the heart and look for signs of heart disease, previous heart attacks or other heart problems.  

EKG testing

Our Friendswood Doctors Explain What an EKG Is

EKG testing for your heart involves placing small electrodes on certain parts of your chest, arms and legs. These electrodes are connected to a machine in order to measure the electrical activity in your heart. During EKG testing, which usually takes about 10 minutes, you will need to remain still and avoid talking. The electrodes attached to your skin send images of your heart activity to the EKG machine, which traces it out on paper. After the test, your doctor will evaluate your results and look for anything abnormal that might require further testing, such as an irregular heart rhythm or a heartbeat that is too slow or too fast.

Reasons to Have EKG Testing Done

EKG tests are used for several purposes, including determining the cause of shortness of breath and other heart disease symptoms and checking to see how thick the walls inside your heart chamber are. Your doctor might recommend having this type of testing done to check the condition of your heart when you have an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or if you are at risk of developing heart problems, especially if you are over 50. In some cases, abnormal EKG results might be seen if you have recently been exercising or while you are experiencing certain symptoms that might be heart-related. 

Safe and Reliable EKG Testing at Our Friendswood Urgent Care Facility

Having an EKG done is considered a safe, non-invasive procedure that does not put you at risk. Most people are able to have EKG tests done without any problems. You do not feel any electrical currents while the test is being done. Instead, the electrodes measure the electrical activity taking place in your heart. Our doctors will let you know what to expect when you are having this type of testing done, so you can feel fully prepared. If you have any questions about EKG tests, please feel free to ask us for more information. We will go over your results with you afterwards, and recommend treatment if any problems are found. Depending on your results, we might have you follow up with a cardiologist or your primary care physician. 

Visit Us for Urgent Care in Friendswood

If you have chest pain or other symptoms that could be related to your heart, please visit us for urgent care in Friendswood. We can conduct cardiac EKG testing, and let you know if you need additional tests done or follow-up visits with a cardiologist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.